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17:29 28-02-2006
Very nice list, keeps me helping to find new music!
03:57 15-02-2006
Graham Lindsey No.1 on the Euro chart, excellent choice! I am Gruene w/envy y'all get to get the new album before us right next door.
a one-time FAR reporter myself,
jc shepard, minnesota, usa
08:50 01-02-2006
hi i'm bella living in kenya and in listening to country music[gospel to be presise],can you provide me with count down updates? God bless you big,chaoe.
15:24 29-01-2006
Early Grace
17:33 05-01-2006
john lestina
Howdsky pardner,

Glad/proud to see two of our local (North Carolina) musicians (David Childers, Ryan Adams) are at the top of your charts. This area, known as the Piedmont, may have the largest and most vibrant music community in the US. I moved here from the Colorado/Texas region. Thanks to all of your panel experts for paying attention to us. I approve of your listings.

Happy Trails.
John Lestina
North Carolina
15:29 15-12-2005
Dustin Schrimpsher
Thank you for helping roots music spread around the world.
18:34 29-11-2005
Larry Mink
A great website.thanks; I'm a Independent musician/songwriter/selfproducer in the U S. Hear my cd, Imaginary Ride ..... peace.....
15:42 02-11-2005
Amelia Victoria
Love your website. Lots of information. I also love the McKay Brothers from Bandera , Tx. Near San Antonio and Austin, TX

Amelia Victoria Castillo
Alamo Artists & Music Promotions
San Antonio, TX USA
11:19 01-11-2005
mooie site hoor.

22:53 31-10-2005
Very much Site!
10:23 31-10-2005
I like this site very much!
21:27 14-10-2005
I am so happy Kim Carnes' album peaked #18 chart position!
I invite everybody to visit THE KIM CARNES FAN CLUB website. The URL is
Guilherme (from Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
01:47 11-10-2005
Two Tons of Steel
Howdy Nico! Thanks for including Two Tons of Steelnull on you chart. Our new cd/dvd "Live at Gruene Hall" is in production. It should be available in the spring. We hope to tour Europe again this coming February. Hope to see you soon. -Dennis
12:56 09-10-2005
Barbara Locke
Hi: Is there a way to get a mailing list of the programmers who report to the Euro-Americana chart? I would like to send out promo copies of Conan and the Showdogs new release, "Tone Deaf and Color Blind."
13:53 05-10-2005
hillbilly willy
want your cd on radio in luxemburg europe contact me or
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